The Pink Smoke co-founders John Cribbs and Christopher Funderburg have absolutely no credentials that would qualify them to publish their opinions in a public forum.

Their shared love of Pizza Hut, Hollis Frampton and Joe Dante led them to falsely believe there were other people interested in colloquial, personal writing about R.W. Fassbinder, Denis Diderot, Charles Willeford, Charles Bronson, Claire Denis, Chameleon Street, and foot-long hero sandwiches.

They have been publishing The Pink Smoke since 2004, making it a cinematic institution; a critically acclaimed and universally beloved institution of le cinema (which is probably why you hear Bigshot Hollywood Insiders talking about it all the time.)

Their original concept for the website was to have the design and layout be as awful as possible because they really hate people who give a shit about fonts, but they are sellouts and have decided the site needs an eye-catching sleekness to complement their brand's new focus on developing Shareable Content heavily loaded for virulence and contoured for clickability.

Please send them form e-mails pitching what your SEO company can do for The Pink Smoke or simply shoot them a note to let them know that the articles they write are too long and therefore remain unread.

Every time they are in the neighorhood, they eat at
The Candlelight Inn.