Faith, greed and lust collide in this dark and sensuous thriller: when a corrupt clergyman is ambushed over a briefcase stuffed with cash meant for a bribe, the money's intended recipient has no intentions of letting the issue drop.

Respected clergyman and head of a New York City humanitarian foundation, VACLAV PAWLIKOWSKI, heads to a provincial hotel with briefcase full of cash intended for a bribe moving him up in the ranks of the church... but lying in wait for him are two ruthless men, SENECHAL and MARC, with designs on that money. Their plan: slip a sedative in Vaclav’s habitual after-dinner drink and then slash his wrists to make his death in a lonely hotel room appear to be a suicide. The plan falls apart almost immediately, but the would-be killers nevertheless make off with the loot and stash it in a hidden safe while they wait for the heat to blow over.

When Vaclav unexpectedly survives the brutal attack, the quietly menacing IBRAHIMA SENGHOR appears in his office explaining that he works for the Albanian lawyer over-seeing the laundering of the bribe, ERVIN BOGDANI. Ibrahima makes it clear that machinations are irrevocably in motion and Vaclav is still on the hook for the money. Suspicions immediately fall on the prostitute (specializing in religious debasement), SOPHIA, with whom Vaclav has a long-standing weekly appointment.

Despite Vaclav’s vocal disbelief in her involvement, Ibrahima uncovers a link between Sophia and the ambush that spins the situation spiraling out of control leaving a trail of blood, confusion, faith and forgiveness. A truly unique film filled with tense set-pieces, religious visions, prophetic dreams, madness, love, sex and death with story that twists and turns in directions no audience could ever predict.

written and directed by christopher funderburg